Just a reminder to you who live in the West Memphis area that our thrift store, AMAZIN’ GRACE is open 6days a week for your shopping pleasure. We have lots of nice winter coats. We also have many hard to find items. Please come by and visit us at least once a week. When you shop at AMAZIN’ GRACE thrift store you are not only getting a great bargain, but also helping to support all that we do here at 8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ.

Our furniture store is also a great place for those looking to save on quaility home furniture items. We have a good selection of items to choose from and believe me, nobody can beat our prices.

YOUR DONATIONS are greatly needed at this time. We will gladly send our truck and friendly crew to your place to pick up your donations. Clothing, furniture, appliances, household items, etc. Please think of 8th Street Mission when you have usable items that you no longer have need of. These items can be a blessing to us.


Graduate Johnny Holmes

On November 6th we had our first graduate of the new one year program. Brother Johnny Holmes is from Memphis,TN. He has been fighting a crack cocaine addiction for the past twenty years.

Johnny is a retired postal worker and feels that God wants him to stay here at the mission and be part of our full-time staff. He already does full-time work for us in many capacities. I am excited about what God is doing in Johnny’s life.

Our Women’s ministry is involved in a weekly bible study with one of our local church women’s groups. We are so thrilled that the ladies of First Presbyterian Church here in West Memphis have taken our women under their wings every Monday morning. Please keep the women of the mission in your prayers. I truly believe that prayer not only changes things, it changes people more than we’ll ever know.

8th Street Mission
for Jesus Christ

717 E. Broadway
West Memphis, AR 72303


Dear Friends,

We saw the building and thought that it would be perfect for expanding our women’s ministry and it would also allow us to help senior citizens who needed temporary housing. It was an 8-plex. Four 2-bedroom units upstairs and four 2-bedroom units downstairs; We made the necessary inquiries and soon found ourselves making an offer on the building.

Not knowing that the property had a $150,000.00 mortgage  we offered the property owner $12,500.00 for the 8-plex. It wasn’t long before the owners of the property got back with us and told us that they accepted our offer. We now own the mortgage and title to the property. We did have to pay some back taxes on the property however, it’s still a bargain.

But the miracle is this…When we made the offer of $12,500.00 we didn’t know that the property owner was also including the building next door. This was another 8-plex of 2-bedroom apartments. WOW!!! Were we shocked! We thought we were getting a great deal for an 8-plex of 2-bedroom apartments for $12,500.00. But for the same offer God threw in another 8-plex.

So 8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ has been blessed with SIXTEEN 2-bedroom apartments for expansion of our women’s ministry and also to assist senior citizens with temporary housing. To further the miracle…It’s all paid for! Hallelujah! God is so good.

We hope to see all of this come into fruition next year. There is quite a bit of renovations to be done.  We will be keeping you informed to our progress and also letting you know what you can do to help.

Oh, trust me friend, you want to be involved in this. This thing has the hand of God all over it. This is truly a manifestation of God’s favor. I want you to personally touch it and be a part of it.

It’s been a joy sharing this wonderful miracle of the favor God showing up mightily for us here at 8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ. I also want to thank your for your faithful support. It is our Joy to continue being your hand extended to the hurting and needy in the mid-south.

I’m looking forward to great things in the future; not just for us here at 8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ, but also for you. Although many don’t like to talk about it, the fact of the matter is this, when we release our seed…we’re sowing into our future. I just want you to know that you could sow into no better soil than 8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ. My promise to you is still the same as when I first arrived… “I Will Obey God.”

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Larry Brown

…for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in: Matthew 25:36

“More Than a Mission”

The 8th Street Mission for Jesus Christ is a multi-functional rescue mission that works daily to serve the Lord and the general public.  Our staff ministers to the needs of those that require emergency aide. That aide can range from a ride across town to  food, clothing and shelter.  It all depends on the needs of the person who steps through the Mission’s doors as to how we can assist them.

The Mission offers a program of several closely intertwined facets to provide real solutions for men and women to reclaim their lives, break the cycle of homelessness through education and spiritual regeneration.

Without the assistance of the 8th Street Mission, many area residents would go hungry, sleep on the streets or even go without their medication.

“Strength through Service”

Over 20 Years of Christ Centered Help, Hope and Healing in Crittenden County!